Friday 29 July.
again , again , and again .
buat kali ketiganya aku mencuci mata , ceh mata hang kenapa ajie ?
cuci tu ayat lagi bagi crying laaa ~~
cuci mata itu memang bagus, cerah je mata si ajie lepas tuu .. haha ..
setiap kali aku cuci mata, adalah kerana si pelik.
mari masuk ke alam serius ~~

si pelik,
what you have done ??

you make a post,
you make me cry

you sent me a text,
you make me confuse

you make another post,
you make me disappointed, but I am grateful

you make a valor decision to face the true,
you make me nerves and I start cry

you stay away from me,
you make me fell weird

you make me worried of your condition,
you tarp me to care of you

you come to me,
you make me smile in may heart

you give me something that only for me,
you make me feel touched

you sent me a text,
you make me excited

you make apologize,
you make me laugh

you sang me a song,
you make me feel guilty, feel very appreciated, and
cry again

when we meet,
your smile, make me fall in love with you.

thank you very much,
its new for me and you .

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